What is Contract Electronics Manufacturing?

The continuing growth and competitive nature of the electronic manufacturing industry reflect the need to produce devices that are more advanced and compact and require manufacturing processes that are the more cost-effective and efficient. These goals are achieved through electronic contract manufacturing. At PMJ Technology, we offer cost-efficient, results-oriented business-molded and contract manufacturing solutions.

There are multiple benefits to outsourcing jobs to a specialist electronic contractor manufacturer – these include quick turnarounds and cost savings. This ensures that contract electronics manufacturers maintain a key function in the electronics products production value chain, branching out from simply a provider of printed circuit board assembly services to an invaluable partner of OEMs. In order to clearly define contract electronic manufacturing, let’s look at the other relevant industry positions.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

OEMs have a strong focus on developing products and often outsource all or a portion of their manufacturing requirements. OEMs use electronic contract manufacturing services to produce their products before they are distributed. However, they still own the intellectual property rights to those products.

Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)

Contract manufacturers that offer design, manufacturing, and other support services to OEMs provide what is referred to as electronic manufacturing services. Another term used for this service is electronics contract manufacturing. These services often consist of printed circuit board (PCB) assembling and testing, along with design, management of supply chain, outbound logistics and distribution, and services that support the needs of products and systems, from conception to end-of-service-life (often referred to as through-life services).

Contract Electronics Manufacturing (CEM)

An electronic contract manufacturer produces electronic products for OEMs. These manufacturers can produce complete electronic designs and assemblies or simply a single part. Industries that outsource their manufacturing needs to CEMs include automotive, defense, medical, and aerospace.

Our team at PMJ Technology has the skills and experience to handle all of your electronic contract manufacturing requirements. The services we offer include printed circuit board assembly, prototyping, injection molding and tooling, cable harness assembly, box builds, and turnkey systems.

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