Turnkey PCB assembly allows for production of printed circuit board assemblies under a limited timeframe. If you need urgent manufacturing of PCBs without any compromise in production quality, our turnkey operations have you covered. At PMJ Technology, we understand your requirements when it comes to quick time-to-market of PCB assemblies. We utilize the latest technology to ensure you benefit from short turnaround times with the same quality results.

Our Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

We follow the development of the latest technologies and trends to provide you with PCB prototype services and other PCB assemblies that meet your urgent timeline schedule. Our capabilities ensure fast turnaround PCB assembly services that meet or exceed your expectations.

We are able to utilize multiple PCB assembly technologies and can work with a wide range of materials. Our team is also able to customize PCB surface finishes to meet your needs.

Our printed circuit board assembly and box build assembly professionals are able to manufacture everything from simple to complex PCBs based on your design and schedule requirements. We are able to assemble a variety of PCBA types, including rigid, flexible, rigid-flexible, multi-layer, double layer, and single layer. We can also manufacture customized PCB units.

Our commitment to your satisfaction defines how we handle your industrial PCB requirements. We work with you to achieve the PCB end product you need through our effective turnkey PCB and box build assembly capabilities.

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For more information about our turnkey PCB assembly and box build assembly services, give us a call today at 847-998-8633 or email us at info@pmjtechnology.com.