At PMJ Technology, we produce custom printed circuit board assemblies for our customers that meet the exacting requirements of various industrial applications. The goal of our PCB contract manufacturing services is to achieve the solutions you need to boost efficiency and performance and minimize production costs.

Our PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Services

Our PCB professionals manufacture and assemble digital, mixed-signal, and analog printed circuit board assemblies. We can also handle the assembly of REACH and RoHS compliant circuit boards. Our expert and highly trained professionals possess diverse training backgrounds and experience to reliably serve your printed circuit board assembly needs.

Our team at PMJ Technology delivers exceptional printed circuit board assembly services to exceed your expectations, everything from fast turnaround prototyping to high volume production. We produce customized boards that meet the demands of multiple industries, including agricultural and consumer electronics.

Lower Cost PCBA

Small and mid-size original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can benefit from the lower cost electronic PCB assembly services we offer. We have the systems and personnel that many smaller business do not have available to achieve cost-efficient PCBA results.

We offer local support to customers with our base headquartered in Arlington Heights, IL. Our team frees you from the potential hassles of dealing with suppliers in different time zones and issues involving customs clearance.

Look no further than our team at PMJ Technology for the reliable contract and industrial PCB assembly services you need.

Contact Us

For more information about the contract PCB assembly service options we offer, call us today at 847-998-8633 or drop us an email at