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We are able to deliver quality samples with a quick turn-around time and at a competitive cost. With our technical expertise and industry experience, we provide flexible prototyping solutions that range from strict adherence to the exact design specifications to a complete re-design of the model.

PCB Assembly

We adhere to IPC standards and perform full, in-line functional tests as required by our customers to ensure the highest level of quality in our products. Our capabilities include, but not limited to, Single Layer, Multi-Layer, Flexible, LED, and RoHS/Lead-Free Products. Our dedicated group of highly skilled team members are trained to support various sized projects ranging from small, mid-sized, to large production volumes.

Injection Molding & Tooling

Our Injection Molding & Tooling services include design, tool fabrication, rapid prototyping and high-capacity manufacturing of plastic, metal, and insert moldings. We work with all types of thermoplastics (e.g., PVC, ABS, PE, PP, polycarbonate, nylon,) including flexible polymers and rigid materials (reinforced with glass, minerals, etc.). Our services also include secondary capabilities such as plating, silk screening, and more to meet design requirements. Our tooling service can be provided in conjunction with our injection molding service or separately. We are able to design and deliver the final tooling with time sensitivity at a globally competitive price.

Cable Harness Assembly

We provide both standard and custom cable assembly manufacturing services that support the various markets we serve, including Agriculture, Commercial & Industrial, and Consumer Electronics. Our experience includes complex multi-connectors and insert/over molding capabilities of a wide variety of cable configurations and connectors.

Turnkey Systems & Box Builds

By integrating individual components (eg., PCB assembly, plastic housing, and cable harness) into the final and sub-assemblies, we are able to deliver quality Box Build products that are fully incorporated into our customer’s manufacturing process. From sourcing components to final testing, we can leverage our knowledge and expertise to meet our clients’ manufacturing goals.

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